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4 Amazing Web Design Trends That Will Kick Off in 2018

A website can do a lot of things and can satisfy different people. Bloggers can make it a platform for their content and businessmen can use it to interact with their customers.

The design of a certain web page is, then, an important aspect since it is what is going to be looked at first when a visitor accesses your site.

If you want to improve your web design, then you have to look into these trends because it will surely kick off this year:

1. The Emergence of Asymmetrical Layouts

Websites have been designed using fixed grids and although they’ve done a good job of presenting a balanced website, it is now something that is considered boring.

So in 2018, more and more designers are incorporating asymmetrical layouts to make things pop out more. You see, when we look at standard shapes and sizes, we deem it as “normal”, thus it will not really grab our attention.

However, with clever use of asymmetrical layouts, you will be lured in because of the intricate patterns that truly meets the eye.

If you are planning to implement this on a website, though, it has to perfectly set the tone you want to convey.

For example, if you’re creating a fashion-centric website, then asymmetrical layouts are a welcome thing. However, the same cannot be said for business websites that want a more professional look and a business website design. Remember, it has to be appropriate for the site you’re going to create.

2. Bring It to Life with Animations

Although animations have existed for quite some time now, they are now being used predominantly in most websites all over the internet.

The reason is that people are happier perusing your site if it has moving elements that somehow “greet” them during their stay.

Also, it definitely grabs the user’s attention, so more designers are making it a point to include them in their web design.

Animations can also bring to life company logos and because of this, a lot of businesses are sure to implement this new change in their company’s seal to make it more interactive and dynamic than ever.

3. Mobile Design

Current statistics show that the mobile crowd has already dominated the digital market. More people are using their mobile devices to consume online content and so, designers are scrambling and making ways for their sites to be as mobile-friendly as ever.

When designing a website with your mobile users in mind, make sure that the elements can be viewed optimally no matter the screen size and the resolution.

Furthermore, all of your images, animations, and other media should be optimized in a way that it loads fast so that users will not have to wait a long time for them to work.

4. Add More Punch Using Vibrant Colors

Web designers aren’t brave enough to use bold and contrasting colors when creating a website’s design because it might not be for everybody.

But the thing is, people want a trendier look and the use of vibrant colors is pretty much a go in this day and age.

Using different color palettes will evoke certain emotions and you have to be creative enough to use colors that will elicit a certain response from your visitors.


Gone are the dull and boring elements, it is now time to become bold and expressive. These design trends will surely rock the year in more productive and meaningful ways.