4 Top Tips for a Successful Event PR Strategy


Did you know why almost every company out there has a PR (Public Relations) department? That is because they are the team that will be assigned to address the public regarding the events that are going to happen in the future.

If you are going to have an event, even if you do not have a company, you still need to have a  strategic event management. Public relations can help increase coverage and it can help improve your ticket sales as well.

More ticket sales= more guests= more money. How can you use PR strategies to make your next event successful? Here are some top tips:

1. Bolster Your Event by Creating an Online Community

Everything is done online nowadays. You can do banking, you can buy your favorite stuff, and you can even peruse the web pages for different content. But, did you know that you can also promote your event on the interwebs?

That is right and it is done by using the different social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media sites can be used to help market your event for more ticket sales.

You do this by first creating an event page. Put a title of the event and fill out the page with all of the details a person would need to know. You then couple that with relevant pictures and videos so that they will know what it is all about.

Now, depending on what event it is going to be, you can create topics days leading up to it. For instance, if you hire a famous public speaker to talk about an important topic, you should talk about the topic in general and why you think the speaker is quite good at it.

This will breed curiosity in the minds of your would-be guests and who knows, they might join the event. So, bolster your event by creating an online community using the different social media platforms available today.

2. Invite Bloggers

People are actually quite vocal now. They upload Video logs (or Vlogs) on their social media accounts and they talk about things that are either happening all around the world or just things that are quite interesting.

There are also bloggers who write different articles on a variety of different topics such as food, technology, fashion, travel, among others.

Therefore, to help increase your coverage, you should invite some influential bloggers. Such people have already amassed a loyal following and if their fans know they’re attending your event, they might do so as well.

3. Make a Useful Hashtag

A Hashtag is a means to help promote your event in a way that can easily be done using social media. The only things that you really need to remember about it are that it has to be something about your upcoming event and it also has to be something that is catchy as well.

4. Use High-Quality Images

And, a good PR strategy will not be complete without the use of high-quality images. We, humans, are visual creatures and whenever there is an image (or images) that pique our interest, we are most likely going to your occasion to see what it is really all about.

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