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5 Ideas That Will Help You Perform Better in Social Media Marketing

5 Ideas That Will Help You Perform Better in Social Media Marketing

Out of the 1.8 billion Facebook users, nearly 34% already visited the Facebook page of a particular brand. This was based on the data published by the Global Web Index in early 2018. However, only 24% of these users shared the content published by brands but the numbers are still growing as more and more people are using social media as a part of their daily lives. It is needless to say that social media has become the leading platform for brand marketing. Here are our tips on how to succeed in the competitive world of social media marketing business:

1.Prioritize your targeted audience when crafting your content.

With that in mind, don’t ignore the power of user-generated content. Take HSBC’s campaign for example. They gave two smartphones to two consumers in order for them to come up with a short video on how they use the bank’s digital banking services.


2.Reinforce your message by creating a content for each platform.

Many people these days are only second-screening, which means they multitask when watching something. It could be that they are browsing on Facebook or Twitter while they watch TV. So you have to sure that your campaigns are echoed on many different types of platform. Also consider the kind of content you are producing. On Facebook, for instance, people prefer the shorter videos rather than the lengthy ones.

3.Don’t be afraid to experiment on new technologies available.

There is a continuous change in social media. In fact, you can expect to see new technologies being released in as fast as a weekly basis.

4.Do a live-stream to show the real you.

In social media, the more authentic you are, the more that people will love you. In this day and age, you can show that authenticity by producing a live interaction with your brand. Depending on the nature of your business, coming up with a live video of a tutorial might just help.

5.Offer some kind of reward.

We all know how far an engaging content can take you. But let’s admit it. Some of your followers don’t have much time to engage. Instead, they want something that they could get for free. There are some of them that actually have the purchasing power but would be really happy when they get an incentive in exchange for buying. If you want to encourage more shoppers, offer them some discounts. You can also use vouchers and codes to give them a reward. You can even offer free samples of your products in exchange of reviews.

Do note that social media marketing is evolving. You might see a new tool in just a matter of a month. As the competition is becoming more stricter, expect that there will also be new gimmicks along the way. Some of these might work and some might not. To continue succeeding in your marketing efforts on social media, just don’t forget to follow the tips we shared above.