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5 Simple Ways to Help You Boost Your E-Commerce SEO and Design a Minimal Website

Development of Website on E-Commerce

Development of Website on E-Commerce

Any business owner nowadays knows the importance of having their own websites. This can be in the form of an information-based website that provides information about their services or it could be an e-commerce website where their customers can buy their products directly from the page.

That being said, having a website alone will not help without the proper implementation of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is as important as the actual website itself. So, how are you going to do things in a way that will really boost your website’s SEO especially for the website developer? Here are some simple ways:

1. Content is Key

Google and other search engines aim to provide the best possible solutions to any search query. If a person uses their search engines to find vital information, then they will give the user, the best possible answers it could find.

Development of Website on E-Commerce

Therefore, you have to make sure that your content provides good information.

For instance, if you are selling security software like an Antivirus program, for example, then you must create articles that help explain the technologies that you are using as well as the reasons why people would need your particular software.

2. Make Your Product Descriptions Informative Yet Concise

People do not want to read a block of text and this is especially true when it comes to product descriptions. You have to make it informative enough to entice them to make the purchase, yet it also has to be concise enough not to waste their precious time.

You can either do this by writing it in bullet format or you just use short 3-5-sentence paragraphs.

3. Use Images and Include Proper Tagging

It is imperative that you also use some high-quality images to highlight the products that you are selling. People are going to want to see what they’re going to buy.

However, it is also important to note that you also have to include the proper tags as well. You see, search engines, albeit have evolved so much since its inception, still cannot read and understand images by themselves.

However, they can do so if you will provide the alt text for it. Without getting too technical, the Alt Text just gives a brief description of the image so that the search engine bots can index it properly. Including this will be advantageous to you simply because search engines will rank you higher by including an appropriate alt text.

4. Utilize Every Page

Development of Website on E-Commerce

Although you might have heard of the advice that you have to put content “above the fold”, the rest of the pages shouldn’t be ignored as well.

You can utilize it by providing more information about your products or services or you can talk a little bit about your website as well.

Footers are also nice to include at the bottom of the page for easier navigation. Captivate your audiences by providing information above the fold but also utilize the space that is below it as well.

5. Optimize Page Loading Speeds

Page loading speed is now part of the criteria for judging a website’s SEO. If you use non-optimized graphical content, i.e. images or videos that are not properly scaled down, you will end up with a really slow website and people do not want this.

It is up to you in making sure that your graphical content is scaled down nicely while also providing the necessary tags for SEO optimization as well.

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