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6 Wedding Planning Techniques For Grooms

Brides typically take the lead when it comes to the wedding preparations. From wedding decorations to catering, they usually make the final decisions. Because of this, many people think that grooms are always lazy—they just hang out amidst all of the stressful wedding planning routine.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be that stereotypical groom who just pays while his bride does all the overwhelming work. Turn yourself into a superstar groom through these amazing wedding planning tips!

1. Support your future spouse.

Remember that a wedding is a team effort, just like married life that you will soon take on. Make sure to support your future wife throughout the entire wedding process. Why not drive her to vendor meetings, and help her negotiate the catering costs? If there are problems on some aspects, listen to her complaints. These simple actions will make the planning routine with the wedding and event planner less stressful.

2. Be proactive.

Your future spouse may be the most hardworking woman in the entire world, shouldering all the difficult tasks of wedding planning. Make sure to show your interest in all the planning details. A simple suggestion and fresh, new idea can impact the overall look and feel of the event! If you have lots of time, you can also take the lead on some aspects. Show your future wife how much you love her!

3. Write your wedding vows sincerely.

The exchange of wedding vows is one of the most important parts of your wedding ceremony. Never procrastinate when it comes to composing these sweet, loving words. Start writing weeks or months in advance. If you want, you can also ask for some ideas from your family and close friends.

4. Get in shape months before the wedding ceremony.

There would be plenty of attention on the bride’s overall look at the wedding day itself. The guests would expect her to look beautiful, with an immaculate wedding dress and angelic makeup. But of course, their eyes would also fall on you, as the handsome groom. Make sure to put in tons of extra work! Be in good shape and hit the gym to ensure a healthy, good-looking physique on your special day.

5. Rehearse your dance moves.

At the reception, all eyes would be on the newly married couple. All the guests would surely anticipate your first traditional dance together. Why not practice your dance moves weeks or days before the special day? Just in case you have plenty of free time, take dance lessons or research online videos that can help you improve your moves.

6. Make sure to plan your honeymoon.

The wedding day in itself will be filled with excitement and love. The planning won’t end there, though! You and your new wife must plan a romantic honeymoon getaway. This is a big undertaking, just like wedding planning. Make a list of all your honeymoon ideas, and possible honeymoon destinations.

It’s true that wedding planning can also be a difficult and time-consuming matter for grooms. Nevertheless, with a thoughtful method and a positive mindset, you can definitely make outstanding contributions to your special day.

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