How to Do the Best Keyword Research

How to Do the Best Keyword Research

How to Do the Best Keyword Research to Optimize Your Content for SEO

Every successful SEO campaign is a good strategy for the website seo services. And, every good strategy starts with searching for the right keywords. You need to know what your target market is searching for, in order to give them the content they need and want. It’s all about getting the correct traffic, and reading your customers and readers’ minds.

What are perfect keywords?

These are terms which have the most volume, and least number of competition. Below are 5 efficient tips in choosing the best keywords for your web content.

1. Make a list of all the potential keywords.

How can people search for your products and services online? What do they call your offerings? You can start by asking these questions. List down all terminologies they use, and the related products and services they might also look for. Moreover, you should also take into account all the existing queries that generate traffic.

2. Identify keyword search volume and popularity.

Evaluate the keyword’s popularity, as well as its search volume. The following tools can help you:

How to Do the Best Keyword Research

  • Google Trends. This platform can show you the trending topics for a period of time.
  • Google Keyword Planner. It can give you estimated figures of popular monthly searches and some engaging suggestions.

Remember, you need to focus on keywords that has several monthly searches. However, you need to choose the ones with the least competition.

3. Look for closely-related keyword variations.

Expand your search by utilizing the suggest feature in Google Trends and Keyword Planner. If you want to try another tool, check out Ubersuggest. This also includes Google’s suggestions from several sources. Search for derivatives, variations and synonyms of the same exact keyword. Then, make keyword groups.

4. Group the keywords, and map out all the content you want to include.

Assign every keyword group to several webpages. To make it more convenient,  split the website into different zones. Here are zones suggestions:

  • Zone 1 – your homepage. Pick more competitive keywords which closely describes your business offerings.
  • Zone 2 – Include the inside pages in this zone
  • Zone 3 : In this zone, you can include the blog, or any other website section where there is an ongoing content marketing strategy.

5. Evaluate your keywords’ competition.

Are you done narrowing down all your keywords? Then, it’s time to analyze the competition of each of these keywords. For this, you can use Google Ad Preview.
How to Do the Best Keyword Research
This platform can display search results without factoring geographic location and personal preferences.

Take these into consideration:

  • The amount of search results.
  • The webpages at the top positions.

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