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Let’s Break the Myth: iPhone Apps Are Not More Secure

There is a myth that has since surfaced that iPhone apps are much more stable than Android apps. The reason why this myth is so prevalent nowadays is due to the nature of how the applications are developed.

To the uninitiated, both mobile operating systems make use of a different framework for app development. iOS app maker use SWIFT and XCode to get the job done while Android applications makes use of the Android Software Development Kit.

The reason why some people deem Android apps to be more vulnerable is the fact that SDK is open-source, meaning, anyone can change whatever is in it. They just ask the source codes from Google and they have the complete freedom to manipulate it any way they want.

Although there is some truth to this, it is not to say that iOS apps are much safer than their counterparts. That is just far from the truth. In fact, I will talk about the latest malware fiasco that happened on the iOS platform.

The Pegasus Attack

In 2016, a malware called the Pegasus infected a portion of the iOS populace. Essentially, this is a malware that can steal data from an infected device and it is pretty easy to get if you are not careful.

An attacker could just send you a link and whenever you click on that link, unknowing of its consequences, then you could download the malware right on your phone.

Then, it sits on the system and it could read the messages, take a look at the call logs, and it can even spy on you. That attack was really a scary one considering that a sizable portion of the population got infected.

Since then, Apple has become stricter when it comes to app security. And, it is a telling sign that the iOS platform is not more secure.

How About Android Apps?

Again, due to it being an open-source framework, there are a lot of vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. The good thing, though, is that the people from Google put more emphasis on App security now more than ever.

However, as a consumer, you still have to be vigilant when it comes to downloading apps from the Play Store.

Do your due diligence and look at the reviews and the number of installations an app had so that it will give you a clearer picture if it is a good app or a malicious one.

So What is the Lesson Behind All of This?

The lesson is that no matter which platform you’re using; iOS or Android apps, you could be a potential victim to certain malware and attacks.

That is why there is a need for app developers to look closely into the development process to ensure that the application not only has a lot of features, but it also has to be impenetrable against different attacks as well.

Hopefully, you become more vigilant and discerning when you download apps from their respective App stores.

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