Let’s Learn About Charades Games

Do you know the game Charades? Charades is a game where one person describes a word for others to guess. In this modern era, the technical playing of Charades has changed. Currently, Charades is only played by 2 people face to face. Then the person must guess a word that is placed in the head of the person in front of him.


Time Has Change and So Does Games 

In the past, these words were written on a piece of paper. Now, Charades is also supported by a supporting application on smartphones that can make this game more fair and exciting.

Technically, one person is in charge of holding a series of words above his head. Then you have to guess quickly and accurately without passing the allotted time limit. While the second person is obliged to help the first person by describing the word that is above the first person’s head without saying the word.


Ellen D’Generes Talks About Charades 

Charades has become increasingly popular since being played on one of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk shows, The Ellen Show in America. Ellen also released her Charades application which unfortunately is not too familiar for Indonesians to play (because it is in English and is paid).


How to Play Charades – Tips & Tricks (and Word List!)

Everyone knows this game, and there is a reason why it is so popular. Charades is the classic game night choice because it can get really silly super fast. This game requires you to stand in front of everyone, and act out book titles, famous people, film titles and more. This immediately breaks the balance and puts people out of their comfort zone. While you may not be comfortable acting in front of people (even your friends or family), once you realize waving with crazy facial expressions is fun, you won’t be able to resist joining in! If you are bored with charades, just play casino games Pussy888 slot


How To Play Charades

What you need to get started:


  • Notepad and pen to keep track of scores
  • Letter phrases, either written yourself or you can use the word list included below
  • Randic clock to save time (your phone usually has a built-in timer)

Charades As Game In 


Charades or charades are word guessing games. In its most played form today, it is an acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, often by imitating the same words, and another player guesses the word or phrase. The idea is to use physical language and not verbal language to convey meaning to others. In the United Kingdom, the game is traditionally played at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve.


Thanksgiving Shaving Supplies

The best thing about charades is that you don’t need a lot of games. For this Thanksgiving charades game, I recommend:


  • Printable words of gratitude – get a free download at the bottom of this post
  • Cup or bowl – You will enter capitalized words in this
  • One minute timer – You can use a sand timer or actually an electronic timer like this
  • Paper or poster board – This will be used to maintain the score, it is best to have a large poster board if you want people to always know what the score is
  • Sharpie – To write a score on a poster board