Masturbation’s Advantages

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Masturbation is not something that most Malaysians can easily indulge in because they live in a country where most people are closed-minded. Don’t even get me started on what would happen if your parents found out about your late-night or daylight activities… Hey, I’m not here to judge, okay? But my point is that we are not a group of people who are receptive to discussions like these. Elders view it as dangerous and try to avoid it at all costs.

Secret Cherry Vibrator Malaysia
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Masturbation, in retrospect, is far from a horrible thing. In reality, it has its own set of advantages. A list of reasons why masturbation should be promoted is provided below.


Stress is relieved.

We all know that sex relieves stress. But did you know that masturbation can also help you relax? It all comes down to the mechanics of the deed. When you have an orgasm, your body releases a number of hormones that calm your body, allowing you to relax and release stress. You can masturbate whenever it is convenient for you, which is an added perk. You wouldn’t have to worry about not having a partner because all you’d need is yourself and the occasional sex gadget.


Learn about yourself.

When trying out sex for the first time, start with yourself. This is so that you can gain a better understanding of your body and sexual requirements. You can learn your likes and dislikes at your own speed by using items like sex toys. When it comes to trying out sex for the first time, virgins are usually more nervous. You can get a taste of what sex might be like and know what to expect by masturbating. Once you understand your sexual appetite, you will be able to create a safer environment in which to have a healthier sex life with your partner.


First and foremost, put your safety first.

To be honest, we all reach a point in our lives when we are intrigued about sex. You can deny it all you want, but the craving for human flesh is in our nature. There will come a point when you will be unable to control your sexual impulses and sex will be all you can think about. You’re not alone in your fight, so don’t worry. Instead of trying out sex, why not start with masturbation? You will be able to avoid situations such as one-night stands with people who may have STDs if you do so (sexually transmitted diseases). Let me tell you, STDs are no laughing matter.


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