SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Investing on an efficient SEO strategy is important if you want your business website to gain a stronger online presence. Below are 3 main strategic trade-offs tips from web optimization specialist that you need to consider in making crucial decisions for your optimization process.

1.Relevance versus Traffic

An SEO strategy which fails to deliver relevance to the business’ objectives is obviously faulty. Don’t waste time on website users who would never hold interest in your offerings.

Advantages of a Low-Relevancy, High-Traffic Approach

  • Increase of relevant website visits, even if the proportions are lower
  • It can reach more users who are way beyond your sales funnel, but can eventually develop an interest in your products

Disadvantages of a High-Traffic Approach

  • Poor conversion rates
  • Limits the financial value of high-traffic approaches
  • Can dilute your brand and business’ message

Pros of a Low-Traffic, High-Relevancy Approach

  • More passionate brand advocates
  • Natural anchor text which are more relevant in your links
  • Higher conversion rates for more sales and lead generation

Disadvantages of a High Relevancy Approach

  • High audience relevance doesn’t really equate to high product relevance
  • Too focused on limited topics
  • Limits your brand’s personality

2.Influencer versus Consumer

Your target customers must end up availing your services and products. This should be the goal of every business. However, you must never underestimate the power of influencers. They can link to us, and is therefore a vital factor in a business’ success.

Advantages of an Influencer, Industry Targeted Approach

  • Writing for online personalities who own authoritative websites—they can share your content to their social media profiles and gain a wider audience
  • A good starting point of collaborative content, business partnerships and other earning opportunities

Disadvantages of the Influencer Approach

  • Industry-focused content are not appealing for consumers

Advantages of a Consumer, Interest Focused Approach

  • Gives you a more appealing, and down-to-earth impression
  • Making a direct, practical and positive impact on every customer’s life before they even purchase your product means more trust and authority

Disadvantages of the Consumer Approach

  • Customers rarely control those platforms with followed website links

3.Evergreen versus Trending

Should you invest more on the people’s current interest, or those types of content that can stand the test of time? How can you strike the right balance?

Advantages of Content About Trending Topics

  • Making content based on trending topics allows you to be a part of new, ongoing conversations
  • SEO clings more on the “freshness” rather than authority, so focusing on trending topics gives you a better ranking opportunity

Disadvantages of a Trending Approach

  • You can end up with the same trending subjects as others
  • Rarely delivers long-term web traffic

Advantages of Content About Evergreen Topics

  • Strengthens your monthly traffic
  • More freedom to update, experiment and optimize it for relevance, traffic potential and conversions

Disadvantages of an Evergreen Approach

  • Hard to earn attention from bloggers and influencers for an evergreen topic without any detailed introduction
  • Evergreen materials are usually more in-depth, comprehensive and meticulously produced, compared to trending topics