Web Design

The Disadvantages of Poor Website Design

Trust me, the disadvantages of poorly designed website are so much worse than those professional web developer additional costs. Why? Well, a poor virtual space can cost you readers and customers.

What are the elements of a bad web design?

But there are even more factors to consider, such as:

  • Higher Bounce Rate – the percentage of the people who leave your web pages
  • Poor Compatibility – the result of utilizing an old, outdated template that is not compatible with smartphones and other gadgets of newer models
  • Clutter – this is an aspect of a bad website design because it fails to address the significance of white spaces; a white space is important in capturing a person’s attention for holding people’s attention
  • Bad Animation –  it will make your website difficult to navigate around; big animated files can slow down your website
  • Poor Website Navigation – this can negatively impact your conversions; complex forms, broken links can drive away customers
  • Two Separate Websites – this can be very inconvenient for many customers
  • Badly Implemented Plugins and Third-Party Tools – third-party tools, as well as plugins, are necessary for all websites to function; however, if they are not integrated properly, your web pages would run slower
  • Badly Implemented Images – several visitors would leave a website if its photos fail to load in just around three seconds
  • Failure to Update Website – failure to update a website can lead to poor SEO
  • Broken Functionality – poorly functioning animations and images are other elements of bad website design.