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Your Guide on the Different Types of Watches for Every Occasion

Have you ever stopped to wonder why there are so many different types of watches out there? There are casual watches that are great for any event, while you may want to consider getting a formal dress watch for more formal occasions.

The reason why there are a plethora of different watches out there is that no watch is perfect for every occasion. Sure, you can wear a dress watch when you are on a date, but it may not be suited for a sporting event now, would it?

This blog post will serve as your guide on the different watch types of watches that you can find out there and which one you should wear based on the occasion.

Business or Black-tie Events

If you are going to attend a corporate event, it is imperative that you choose a watch that is bold without all of the flashiness of other watches. You want it to be classic; simple.

A simple watch with a leather strap is always going to be appropriate for such an event. A timepiece with a dark dial can certainly go with whatever color of suit you are wearing.

Brown leather straps are okay, but if you can go with a black one, it is definitely the better choice.

Business Casual

If you are conducting business but the event that you are going to is not that formal, you can opt for field watches, aviation watches, and even an upscale chronograph as well.

For instance, the Tag Heuer Carrera might look too sporty for business events, but put on an appropriate strap, and you could have a timepiece that even your peers will glance over.

Sporting Events

This should come as a no-brainer that you are inclined to wear a sports watch if you are an active individual. This is even more so if you are going to a triathlon or any other sporting event.

Sports watches are built to last. They are made with more robust materials that can take a beating but they are done so in a way that the finished product is not ugly looking.

That being said, the Rolex Submariner was the de facto standard when it comes to sports watches, but the beauty of this day and age is that there so many different sports watches to choose from.

Watches from Hublot, most notably their Big Bang series, are pretty good for any sporting event.


Travel watches are watches that have a 24-hour timekeeping functionality and the best example of this is the Rolex GMT Master. Although this is quite an expensive timepiece, it is definitely the gold standard when it comes to travel watches.

The All-Arounder

If you ask me about a watch for all occasions, I would go for any watch that comes with a brown leather strap. It is simple enough that it can be worn in formal events but it also comes with enough features that you can use on a daily basis.

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